Well-being for all coming to terms with dementia in the family

The world in which a dementia sufferer lives is a very different one to our own and finding out that a friend or close family member has recently been diagnosed can be very upsetting. The person you once knew becomes a stranger, with different reactions and a shorter temper than they used to have.

This website is dedicated to helping families try to understand the confusing nature of dementia and offer hope to those who are supporting a loved-one with it.
“Anyone wanting help in caring for this condition will find this powerful work – an eye-opener”
Professor Sir Cary L. Cooper CBE
Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Manchester Business School
“This book is essential reading for understanding that the medical approach is not the only solution”
Dr Philip Poi Jun Hua
Professor and Senior Consultant in Geriatric Medicine at The University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Dementia in the family book cover

Conducting Well-Being with Dementia in the Family

Paperback: £9.75 plus p+p
ISBN: 978-0-9568523-1-1

In this easy to read and understand book, psychoanalist Trevor Mumby, offers hope of well-being to the many family care-givers who are supporting a loved-one with dementia. He explains how Dementia World is different to our own and how the two can live together. Once the differences are understood, coping becomes easier and this new world can be approached with calmness and confidence.

This long-overdue book is the result of over thirty years experience in the study and provision of care to dementia sufferers and the elderly.

The author identifies twelve, harmless characteristics in our everday social behaviour, which to someone experiencing dementia-induced confusion, can have an explosive effect. Trevor appropriately calls these “hand grenades” and by explaining each one, shows the reader how to change their behaviour to ensure these bombs don’t go off.
Trevor MumbyAbout the author...

Trevor Mumby

Trevor is a recognised psychoanalyst currently a co-director of a company providing care services to the elderly. He is a Senior Associate Member of The Royal Society of Medicine, Associate Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and also a Member of the British Association of Social Workers.