Conducting Well-Being with Dementia in the Family

by Trevor Mumby
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The world in which a dementia sufferer lives is a very different one to our own and finding out that a friend or close family member has recently been diagnosed can be a very upsetting and confusing time. The person you once knew can become a stranger, with different reactions and a shorter fuse than they used to have. This creates a call for a very different approach and mental attitude . . .

“I am the person who needs to do ALL of the changing
. . . my loved one CANNOT”

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Hand Grenades  

A Reader’s review

“I thought it was an excellent book, just right for carers, easy to use and easy to dip in and out of without having to feel it had to be read from cover to cover. The exercises are fun, thought-provoking and very useful. Every carer should have a copy in their kitchen – a good book to have a quick read to refresh yourself as the kettle boils.”
Lindsey Skelt
Independent Occupational Therapist