Conducting Well-Being with Dementia in the Family
Group guidelines
Paperback (6 pages): £2.99 (plus p+p)

Designed specifically for care home staff or academic groups.

A "fishbowl" learning experience which requires skilled leadership. It is a FAST TRACK process which is supportive, enjoyable and sharply effective!

“This coaching manual uses three methods which should promote a new, more sophisticated skill to enable us to deliver conversational well-being and not the normal mannerisms which can frequently cause negative reactions.

Coaching For Carers
A Fresh Look At Dementia Care
Personal tutorial guidebook
Paperback (32 pages): £4.99 (plus p+p)

For family members and senior managers in care homes.

It is a person-centred guide which enables family members and managers who tutor carers to develop specific improvements in the UNIQUE daily challenges of caring.

“These tutorials will be based upon experiential learning through PRACTICAL application where YOUR weekly working experiences will be reviewed. We expect your scores to be significantly changed by the end of these tutorials.

Total pack (book plus both coaching manuals): £16.00 (plus p+p)